"Misty" featuring Cheryl Brown (Tom's wife)

1970: Cheryl Brown Singing, Tom Brown Accordion, Gary Baumia Sax, Tom DeMartin Drums, and Jim Stefan Guitar

2008 Tom Brown (Accordion) and Jim Stefan (Guitar & Singer)

2008: Tom Brown (Accordion), Tom DeMartin (Drums & Singer), Jim Stefan (Guitar and lead singer)

57 years of playing professionally

The Knight Kats of the 1960's

1965: Tom Brown Accordion, Dale Bosetti Drums & Singer, Rex Chadwell Trombone & Bass,
Tim Cartwright Guitar & Singer, and Glenn Cairns Sax

1969: Tom Brown Accordion, Tom DeMartin Drums, Jim Stefan Guitar

Jim Stefan Guitar 1969

Tom DeMartin Drums 1969

Tom Brown Keyboards & Accordion 1969

1970: Tom Brown, Jim Stefan, Tom DeMartin, & Gary Baumia

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